Girl, 12, dies and sister critical 'after being hit by cousin's car' as they walked home from school

A 12-year-old schoolgirl died and her sister was fighting for life yesterday after being run down by their cousin in a tragic accident as they walked back from school.

Megan Hennessey, 12, died at the scene and sister Sophie,16, suffered multiple injuries after being hit by the car.

They had just left the Trinity Academy at Thorne, Doncaster, and were walking to their grandparents home nearby after being sent a text message by their father telling them he was unable to collect them.

They are believed to have been trying to cross a busy road at a notorious blackspot when they were struck by a silver Peugeot 306 as friends watched on in horror.

It was only then that the 18-year-old Nathan Hennessey realised he had hit his cousins.

Nothing could be done for Megan, but Sophie was given artificial resuscitation until paramedics arrived.

She was rushed to Doncaster Royal Infirmary with serious head and internal injuries before being transferred to Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Last night her condition was said to be critical.

The teenage cousin was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

The girls' parents, businessman Andrew Hennessey, 40, and his 42-year-old wife Amanada,were too distressed to talk at the family home in Thorne.

Mr Hennessey and his brother Shaun, work in the family asbestos recovery and safety business with their father Michael Hennessey, 62. Nathan also works there.

Michael Hennessey said: 'Apparently a family friend who lives near the scene of the accident saw Sophie and Megan lying injured. She phoned my wife who immediately went to the scene.

'When she got there she saw our son Shaun who said that his son Nathan had been involved in the accident .

He and Nathan initially had no idea who had been injured, when they realised it was the two girls it just broke them up, they are absolutely devastated.

'It was just a dreadful coincidence that Nathan was at the wheel of the car that hit his cousins.The whole thing is just an unimaginable tragedy for our whole family.

'The girls were like twins they were so close and the loveliest politest girls you could ever hope to meet.

'Sophie is extremely bright and has ambitions to become a doctor. Megan was a very clever and artistic girl who loved to sing.'

Chip shop owner Gurdit Olick heard the crash at 4.15 pm on Thursday. 'I went out to see what had happened and it was horrific. One girl was on one side of the road and another girl was at the other side.

'They were both very badly injured. I was surprised that one of them had survived because judging by their injuries there had clearly been a big impact.

'They were both in school uniform and their bags and belongings were scattered over the road and there were friends of the girls very distraught, in tears, crying and screaming.'

Mother's internet warning after daughter, 13, who felt 'fat and ugly' kills herself

A girl of 13 committed suicide after becoming convinced she was fat and ugly.

Imogen D'Arcy hid her angst from her family and scoured websites for information on eating disorders and suicide in the weeks before her death.

Her heartbroken mother has attacked the celebrity culture glorifying skinny women and urged parents to monitor what their children read on the internet.

Susan D'Arcy said: 'Young girls should not be subjected to images of celebrity women who are so thin. It's unrealistic for girls to have these women as role models.'

Imogen was found hanged by her father Paul in the bathroom of the family home.

He gave his daughter the kiss of life and she was taken to hospital but a decision was made to turn off her life-support machine eight days later.

Mr D'Arcy, 51, said he found a note in Imogen's handwriting on the toilet seat.

He said: 'It appeared Imogen had a problem with her body image, she felt fat and ugly. This is not true, she didn't have an ounce of fat on her.'

Her parents, both chartered surveyors, said their daughter was of average height and weight and had no reason to be concerned about her appearance. Imogen was one of five sisters aged between 18 and three.

Mrs D'Arcy, 40, said they had no idea of her anguish.

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner Melanie Williamson told an inquest in Leeds that Imogen was a 'fit, healthy and popular young lady' who fitted in well at school.

'She was a perfectionist and like so many others she was affected by her shape, weight and size,' she said.

On December 1, 2007, Imogen was told off when she refused to tidy up the children's toys, the inquest heard.

Later she was left at home to look after her then two-year-old sister Rachel while the rest of the family went shopping.

When her father returned to the house in Adel, Leeds, he found the toddler watching TV.

He asked her where Imogen was and Rachel replied: 'Immy is lost.'

Mr D'Arcy found her in the bathroom.

After the hearing Mrs D'Arcy said her daughter was a 'shy, gentle and kind-hearted girl' with no history of depression.

Mrs D'Arcy said that last year Imogen took a close interest in the soap Hollyoaks in which one of the young female characters had anorexia and bulimia.

She had a picture of the actress Emma Rigby who played the character as the screensaver on her computer.

Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland has backed a campaign to crack down on pro-suicide websites.

He said he was 'very moved' after the teenager's mother visited him to discuss the danger of the websites.

He said that an amendment to the Suicide Act could help prosecute those shown to be actively encouraging others to take their own lives.

Disabled teen becomes world's first person to do a backflip in a WHEELCHAIR

A daredevil teenager has become the first person ever to perform a backflip in a wheelchair.

Aaron Fotheringham, 16, who is known to friends as ‘Wheels’, finally landed the official world record after learning the amazing acrobatic stunt two years ago.

Aaron, who was born with spina bifida and has been in a chair since he was three, said: ‘It feels awesome to have the record.’

The American teenager is also credited with creating the sport of ‘hardcore sitting’ where daring stunts adapted from skateboarding and BMX are performed in a wheelchair.

‘It’s wonderful,’ said his mother, Kaylene Fotheringham after he was accepted by the World Records Accademy last month.

‘We always thought he was the first one to do it but today we know he has the world record.’

He began doing stunts at the age of nine when his elder brother Brian took him to their local skate-park in Las Vegas.

Brian encouraged him to go down a ramp and the obsession was born.

Now Aaron gets flown all over the world to perform stunts and spends at least three hours a day practicing.

‘I love being in a wheelchair,’ said Aaron. ‘Everyone thinks "Oh you’re disabled that’s such a terrible thing" but I think it’s positive.

‘It’s like being able to carry your skateboard everywhere with you. People don’t realise how much can be done in a chair.’

Aaron’s unofficial record is six back flips in a row, however, under the pressure of the day he could not get any consecutive flips.

‘I’m going to nail that record sometime in the future,’ says Aaron.

Completing each trick requires complete concentration and perfect judgement of speed and Aaron has suffered a few nasty crashes in the past.

‘I’ve shattered my elbow and had concussion too many times to count,’ said Aaron.

Approaching the ramp at the wrong speed could result in a crash where Aaron’s entire body-weight and weight of his chair lands on his neck.

‘I always wear a helmet and pads but it still hurts when you fall,’ he says.

Aaron has become quite a celebrity in the skate scene and has also become a hero to wheelchair users all over the world.

‘I get little kids telling me they like being in their chair now,’ says Aaron who has visitors from all over the U.S. come to ask him for tips.

Recently he’s been teaching one adoring fan, a tiny four-year-old called Zachary, some basic stunts.

‘Zachary’s a great kid,’ he says ‘It feels so cool to get people interested in hardcore sitting,’ he says.

‘I can’t describe how good it feels.’ ‘I hope it becomes more and more popular so we can get it into events all over the world.’

Aaron has been a sponsored athlete through specialist wheelchair makers Colours Inc, since he was 12 years old.

Colours Inc make high-tech, custom chairs and accessories for sports and off-roading.

Aaron’s £5,000 chair is made of reinforced aluminium with suspension, shock absorbers and a 'grind bar' for street and ramp stunts.

Aaron’s friend and mentor at Colours, Ernie Espinoza, said: ‘Aaron punishes a chair like no one at Colours has ever seen, we take pride in knowing that we can build a chair that stands up to the test of Aaron Fotheringham.’

Watch the amazing video below...

Move over starling - thousands of birds flock at dusk before roosting for the night

It is one of nature's most spectacular sights...and still something of a mystery to birdwatchers.

Despite a vast sky to explore, thousands of starlings come together to swoop and sweep before finally settling down for the night.

This stunning roosting display, known as a murmuration, was captured by photographer Andy Rouse at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetland Trust in Gloucestershire.

The displays occur in many parts of the UK with reedbeds attracting gatherings which can number millions.

Boy, 6, and grandmother killed by train in 'tragic accident' as they use railway crossing

A six-year-old boy and his grandmother have been killed by a train as they used a railway crossing.

The grandmother is believed to have been on her way to her daughter's house when the tragic accident happened.

The pair were hit by the Worksop to Nottingham service at a pedestrian crossing in Bestwood Village at 6.45pm last night.

The names of the victims have been released but it is understood the grandmother is from Hucknall.

The dead woman's sister, who did not want to be named, visited the site today to lay flowers.

She said: 'We're devastated. It looks a bit slippy but I don't know whether it was slippery last night.

'She had three grandsons and doted on all of them.'

Councillor Chris Baron, who represents the area, said there had been a campaign ten years ago to make the gates to pedestrian crossings along the route lock as a train approaches.

He said: 'My heart goes out to them. It's terrible, absolutely terrible.

'I wanted to see a locking system that can bolt the gates when a train is 100 yards away.'

Paddy Tipping MP, who represents the area, said: 'We have been pressing for better lighting down here for a long time and it's very slippery.

'There will be a full inquiry by the Railway Inspectorate and we will have to wait and see what the results are, but clearly there's a problem here that's led to very serious consequences.

'It's a real tragedy for three generations - grandson, grandma and the parents.'

Inspector Paul Andrews, from the BTP, said: 'There are no suspicious circumstances. We are talking about a tragic accident more than anything else.'

The incredible territorial fight between two raging hippo bulls

Exploding out of the water with ferocious rage these giant male hippos cast a frightening sight as they fight over a water hole in South Africa.

Captured by professional guide and wildlife photographer Hendrik Fehsenfeld, in South Africa's Ngala Private Game Reserve in September, this amazing sequence of photographs show just why these one ton animals should never be crossed.

'This was the first time I had witnessed a hippo fight, so close and personal,' said Fehsenfeld, 40.

'I was giving a tour to some guests on the game viewing vehicle and we were in a sort of stunned disbelief.

'I approached with caution as aggression may divert towards the vehicle .

'When it became clear that these bulls were oblivious to our presence I crept in to get these amazing shots.'

'Looking at the photographs it seems that the bulls are of different ages,' he said.

'This can be seen by examining the condition of the teeth, in particular, the incisors and canines. The challenger appeared to be the younger of the two.'

Fehsenfeld, who has been a guide for seven years, explained that the violent encounter was the result of a territorial battle during the notoriously difficult dry season when water is scarce.

'There are many factors that play into the eruption of a serious fight; the two most common factors being territory and mating rights.

'Dominant hippo bulls do have territories which they will defend. This flight erupted when this younger bull arrived at the water-hole already occupied by the older bull, thus trespassing and ignoring him as the territory holder.

'This is equivalent of a direct challenge.'

For the safety of his group, Fehsenfeld only watched the encounter for a few minutes, but returned the following day to see who had claimed the territory.

'The next morning the old bull was gone. I and tracker Norman found his tracks leaving the water-hole with a blood trail,' he recalled.

'We followed it until the vegetation got very thick - it's not wise to follow an injured animal into thick vegetation.

'So maybe he recovered, maybe he found an unoccupied water-hole. Maybe he lay down in the soothing shade and drifted off. There was no increase in vulture or hyena activity in the area, so perhaps he made it!'

Longest ever exposure photos taken in UK produce stunning image of iconic landmark

With the surreal quality of a van Gogh painting a series of majestic emerald arcs light up one of Britain's most iconic landmarks in this stunning photograph.

Taken with one of the longest-ever exposures the spectacular picture shows each phase of the sun over Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge taken over a six month period.

It plots the sun's daily course as it rises and falls over Brunel's famous structure, which spans the 702 ft Avon Gorge.

Incredibly, the eerie image was captured on a basic pin-hole camera made from an empty drinks can with a 0.25mm aperture and a single sheet of photographic paper.

Photographer Justin Quinnell strapped the camera to a telephone pole overlooking the Gorge, where it was left between December 19, 2007 and June 21, 2008 - the winter and summer solstices.

His final photograph, called 'Solargraph', shows six months of the sun's luminescent trails and its subtle change of course caused by the earth's movement in orbit.

The lowest arc shows the first day of exposure on the winter solstice, while the top curves were captured in the middle of summer.

Its dotted lines of light are the result of overcast days when the sun struggled to penetrate the cloud.

Mr Quinnell, a world-renowned pin-hole camera artist, of Falmouth, Cornwall, said the photograph took on a personal resonance after his father passed away on April 13 - halfway through the exposure.

He says the picture allows him to pinpoint the exact location of the sun in the sky at the moment his father passed away.

Cool Meow: Two-faced kitten

Shocked vets have delivered a kitten with two faces.

The kitten can only eat with one of its mouths, due to a cleft palate - but it meows simultaneously through both.

The only member of an otherwise normal litter of three, it is said to be doing well.

It was born in the vet's surgery after its mother developed complications during the birth.

Nurse Louisa Burgess, who delivered the kitten in Perth, Western Australia, with vet George Huber, said she had never seen a two-faced cat in 12 years of working in animal health.

'I have seen cats with two tails and extra legs, but not this,' she said.

'It has a full tummy and it survived the night so that is a good sign. It seems content, it meows and purrs.'

Ms Burgess added: 'This is the result of a congenital deformity. Something has gone wrong in the early embryonic development.'

One in a million cats is born with two heads.

The owners plan to keep the kitten and are said to be considering calling it Mr Men or Quasi Modo, according to Australian website

By coincidence there has been another report of a two-faced kitten in the US this year. Born in Texas in February, it was part of a litter of seven.

In August a kitten with four eyes, two noses and one mouth was born in Ohio, but it died after five days.

Kangaroos 'are closely related to humans'

Humans and kangaroos are close cousins on the evolutionary tree sharing a common ancestor 150 million years ago, according to Australian researchers.

Scientists have mapped the genetic code of the Australian marsupials for the first time and found large chunks of DNA are the same.

'There are a few differences, we have a few more of this, a few less of that, but they are the same genes and a lot of them are in the same order,' said Jenny Graves, director of the Centre of Excellence for Kangaroo Genomics.

'We thought they'd be completely scrambled, but they're not. There is great chunks of the human genome which is sitting right there in the kangaroo genome,' she added.

Humans and kangaroos last shared an ancestor 150million years ago, the researchers found, while mice and humans diverged from one another 70 million years ago.

They believe kangaroos first evolved in China, but migrated across the Americas to Australia and Antarctica.

'Kangaroos are hugely informative about what we were like 150 million years ago,' Graves said.

Buried in each other's arms: Scientists discover remains of world's most ancient nuclear family

For more than four thousand years since their violent deaths they have lain together - a mother, father and their two boys.

They are, say archaeologists, the earliest known example of the nuclear family, carefully buried side by side, perhaps by grieving relatives or friends.

The find sheds tantalising light on the life of our prehistoric ancestors living at the dawn of civilisation in Europe. It also suggests that family values have been thriving since before the time of Stonehenge.

The family - who appear to have been slaughtered in a raid by a rival tribe - were identified from fragments of DNA in their skeletons. The boys were aged eight and four.

Dr Alistair Pike, head of archaeology at the University of Bristol, who took part in the study, said: 'It is the first time we can conclusively prove a family has been buried together.

'Graves which have been discovered pre-dating this find show collections of maybe hundreds of skeletons thrown together. Whoever buried the family obviously knew they were family and deemed it important they were buried together facing oneanother.'

The burials took place in what is now Eulau in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, around the same time that Stonehenge was being erected in England. They were discovered in 2005, but the DNA tests have only just been completed.

The mother was aged around 35 to 50 - old age for those days. She was carefully laid to rest on her left side with her head pointing towards the rising sun. The father - who was between 40 and 60 - was placed in a mirror position.

However, unusually for the period, the boys were positioned facing their parents, the scientists report in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Other couples nearby were buried face-to-face with their arms and hands interlinked. Each of the graves contained at least one child - ranging from newborn babies to children aged ten.

Many of the bodies had injuries - suggesting that they were victims of a violent raid, perhaps from warriors belonging to a rival village.

Dr Wolfgang Haak of the University of Adelaide, who led the study, said: 'By establishing the genetic links between the two.

Three killed in crash during police pursuit as another man dies in separate chase by officers

Three people were killed and a fourth seriously injured today as they were being chased by police.

Two men and a woman died when the vehicle hit the kerb and overturned at around 3.30am after the driver lost control.

They had earlier refused to stop for officers in Oldham, Greater Manchester, so police had given chase.

It ended in tragedy when the Vauxhall Vectra crashed through a wall, spun round and overturned onto its roof in a house's front garden.

A second woman survived the accident and is in a critical condition in hospital.

Greater Manchester Police said a police patrol had earlier tried to stop the car in Oldham town centre but the driver drove off so they followed.

The crash happened shortly afterwards in Middleton Road, Chadderton. It is not yet known why officers wanted to stop the vehicle before the chase started.

The area around the crash site was sealed off by police this morning. Forensic officers could be seen examining the overturned, burned out wreckage of the vehicle.

Paul Kelly, 40, a warehouse manager who lives about 100 yards from the scene, said he was woken up by a huge explosion at around 3.45am.

He said: 'It was so loud I thought something had come into my house. I ran to the window and could see the car in flames.

'By the time I got out into the street the police were already here and they told me to go back inside. The ambulances arrived and then the fire brigade.'

He added that the driver appeared to have lost control after going over a rise in the road and had hit the kerb. The force spun the car and it then overturned.

Another neighbour, Matthew Tipton, was woken up by police sirens and then a 'really loud explosion' .

'From what I heard, I think the police were possibly still on the other side of the main road when the car turned over and crashed.

'They must have been going at some speed because the rise in the road at the junction is bad enough when you're going at normal speed. Loads of police cars and fire engines arrived and were here for a very long time.'

Mr Tipton lives in the first house on Middleton Road, about 250 yards from the crash scene.

The garden walls of the two houses either side of where the car crashed also appear to have been demolished.

Speaking at the scene this morning, Superintendent Alan Greene said the victims appeared to be 'quite young' in age.

He said: 'The vehicle was going at considerable speed, so much so that the police car could not keep up with it. The speeds involved are really quite considerable and those in the car appear to be quite young people.'

The incident has now been referred to the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, for investigation.

In a separate police chase, another man was killed when his car crashed on a motorway as he was being followed by officers.

Police were pursuing the car on the M1 near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, because it had failed to stop.

The man, thought to be a rear seat passenger, was killed at around 2am when the car careered off the road and hit a bank.

The driver and another passenger were arrested near the crash scene. The IPCC has also been informed of the second incident.