Girl, 12, dies and sister critical 'after being hit by cousin's car' as they walked home from school

Posted on 11:30 AM by Sameer Shah

A 12-year-old schoolgirl died and her sister was fighting for life yesterday after being run down by their cousin in a tragic accident as they walked back from school.

Megan Hennessey, 12, died at the scene and sister Sophie,16, suffered multiple injuries after being hit by the car.

They had just left the Trinity Academy at Thorne, Doncaster, and were walking to their grandparents home nearby after being sent a text message by their father telling them he was unable to collect them.

They are believed to have been trying to cross a busy road at a notorious blackspot when they were struck by a silver Peugeot 306 as friends watched on in horror.

It was only then that the 18-year-old Nathan Hennessey realised he had hit his cousins.

Nothing could be done for Megan, but Sophie was given artificial resuscitation until paramedics arrived.

She was rushed to Doncaster Royal Infirmary with serious head and internal injuries before being transferred to Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Last night her condition was said to be critical.

The teenage cousin was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

The girls' parents, businessman Andrew Hennessey, 40, and his 42-year-old wife Amanada,were too distressed to talk at the family home in Thorne.

Mr Hennessey and his brother Shaun, work in the family asbestos recovery and safety business with their father Michael Hennessey, 62. Nathan also works there.

Michael Hennessey said: 'Apparently a family friend who lives near the scene of the accident saw Sophie and Megan lying injured. She phoned my wife who immediately went to the scene.

'When she got there she saw our son Shaun who said that his son Nathan had been involved in the accident .

He and Nathan initially had no idea who had been injured, when they realised it was the two girls it just broke them up, they are absolutely devastated.

'It was just a dreadful coincidence that Nathan was at the wheel of the car that hit his cousins.The whole thing is just an unimaginable tragedy for our whole family.

'The girls were like twins they were so close and the loveliest politest girls you could ever hope to meet.

'Sophie is extremely bright and has ambitions to become a doctor. Megan was a very clever and artistic girl who loved to sing.'

Chip shop owner Gurdit Olick heard the crash at 4.15 pm on Thursday. 'I went out to see what had happened and it was horrific. One girl was on one side of the road and another girl was at the other side.

'They were both very badly injured. I was surprised that one of them had survived because judging by their injuries there had clearly been a big impact.

'They were both in school uniform and their bags and belongings were scattered over the road and there were friends of the girls very distraught, in tears, crying and screaming.'

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