Lucky Wilbur - the turkey too ugly to have for dinner

Posted on 7:08 AM by Sameer Shah

This is Wilbur, quite probably the luckiest turkey (still) alive.

The Norfolk Black was destined for the dinner table but escaped the butcher's block because he's so ugly.

The dishevelled nine-month-old bird is underweight, has a 'misshapen' body, lacks tail feathers and also suffers a limp. Customers also rejected him for looking 'sad and bedraggled'.

It meant Wilbur was the only bird left unsold from a 50-strong flock at the pick-your-own turkey farm in Totnes, Devon.

Farmer Peter Hayford, 66, said Wilbur will now remain on the farm as a pet.

Grandfather-of-four Peter said: 'This was his first Christmas and it was meant to be his last. But no one wanted him. He might be an ugly old thing, but we think he's lovely.'

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