A car launched 100ft through the air and crashed into a church roof

Posted on 7:08 AM by Sameer Shah

These pictures show the shocking moment a man came terrifyingly close to death - and God - after crashing his car into the roof of a church.

The driver has been hospitalised with serious injuries after speeding round a bend and losing control of his vehicle.

A police officer watched in horror as the German man lost control of his Skoda and crashed through a railing.

The car then went up an embankment where it was propelled 100ft through the air - before it smashed through the roof.

Police said the embankment acted like a ramp, launching the car into the air and into the roof of the nearby church in Oberfrohna, Germany.

A special rescue vehicle had to be called in to free the driver using a crane seven yards above the ground.

Firefighters worked for hours to remove him from the broken rooftop before he was taken to hospital.

The 23-year-old German driver is in a serious condition. Police said he was breathalysed, and have yet to release his name.

The 10,000 euro Skoda was written off in the incident, but the cost of repairing the church roof is not yet known.

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