Lovestruck fireman wows fiancee with massive 100ft birthday message carved in the sand

Posted on 3:22 PM by Sameer Shah

She may have said she didn't want a present, but romantic Jeff Brook-Smith had no intention of leaving his fiancee disappointed.

The lovestruck ex-fireman wowed his partner of seven years - not to mention dozens of passers-by - with an astounding hundred-foot message that he carved in the sand with a rake as a surprise for her birthday.

Determined Jeff Brook-Smith, 62, spent a painstaking four hours raking the beach near the couple's seaside home in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, to create the stunning image proclaiming his devotion to partner Janet Shipley, 61.

He scrawled: 'Happy Birthday Janet! With all my love Jeff' on the seafront, measuring an incredible 120ft by 50ft.

Jeff even researched tide times and pored over forecasts to ensure inclement weather would not spoil his masterpiece.

He said: 'When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she was very modest and said she didn't want anything. That was when I came up with the idea. I wanted to surprise her.

'It was hard work, like raking 20 allotments. But I was really pleased with it, and Janet was astounded. She thought it was absolutely fantastic.'

Jeff, who has three children from a previous relationship, said dozens of passers-by had stopped to chat while he was raking the message and had been so impressed they had taken photos of it.

He added: 'The public's reaction was a bonus. People were watching and some were taking pictures on their mobile phones. Everyone was making nice comments and saying it was unique.'

Although Janet's birthday falls on Monday, clever Jeff knew that predicted poor weather could ruin his handiwork so created the message early.

He now plans to treat her to a candlelit meal and has another surprise up his sleeve which he is determined to keep secret until the big day.

The loved-up couple met in a Kwik Save supermarket where she was a supervisor and he was a customer.

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