Thousands of 'tough guys' wade through mud and walk on fire in Tough Guy competition... despite the freezing weather

Posted on 1:37 PM by Sameer Shah

With his grimacing face, the burning hay bales and surrounding thick grey smoke it could be a climatic scene from the end of an epic war film - if it wasn't for the Borat mankini costume.

This pained looking man is actually taking part in an annual Tough Guy Challenge with thousands of other daredevils.

The aspiring 'tough guys' braved an obstacle course which included walking across fire and through water in the bitterly cold weather currently battering Britain.

Competitors from 25 countries descended on South Perton Farm, in Wolverhampton, for the brutal survival race.

The brave - or mad, depending on how you look at it - men and women are pictured grimacing as they make their way through thick mud, underneath barbed wire and even through burning hay bales.

The freezing cold challengers began the race with a gruelling cross-country run and are then challenged by 21 different obstacles including tunnels and swamps to complete the course.

People can compete on their own or in teams.

On the event's website it says: 'The event is uniquely fear ridden and you need to be fit in both body and spirit to survive the ordeal.

'You will not be alone, thousands will be by your side. There you will find the true spirit of Tough Guy.'

The extreme event is in its 23rd year.

The hardy challengers risk cuts, burns, broken bones and possibly worse as they make their way across the 150 acre site.

Competitors must sign a 'Death Warrant disclaimer' before taking part.

The event claims to be the safest most dangerous taste of mental physical pain and endurance on earth.

American Sports channel ESPN filmed the event in 2006.

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