Miracle survival after man shoots HIMSELF in the head with a six-inch fishing spear

Posted on 6:40 PM by Sameer Shah

A Brazilian man is lucky to be alive after he astonishingly managed to shoot himself in the brain with a fishing spear.

Emerson de Oliveira Abreu was fishing off the coast of Rio de Janeiro when he took the devastating shot.

The spear ricocheted off some rocks - and slammed into Abreu's head.

Entering just above his eye, it penetrated his brain so deeply that only the tip was showing.

But Abreu's tale of luck does not stop there.

Amazingly, surgeons managed to remove the spear - which somehow missed every critical area of his brain.

Now Abreu is expected to survive without any major, lasting damage - though his sense of smell may be affected, doctors said.

Doctor Manoel Moreira told Globo TV that the it took five hours of high-risk surgery to remove the projectile from Abreu, who he said is doing well.

The spear entered just above Abreu's left eye and missed the most critical areas of his brain, Moreira said.

'It's a miracle,' said Abreu's father, Edilson, according to Globo's G1 Web site.

Mr Abreu's friend Douglas Martins, who was fishing with him at the time, said the injured fisherman was conscious and talking after the accident.

He is due to be released from hospital within a week.

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