So that's how you cut an elephant's toenails

Posted on 6:29 PM by Sameer Shah

He might have preferred shocking pink, or a gold that would have twinkled in the sunlight as he lumbered along.

But since Boy the elephant was asleep during his pedicure he had no choice in the colour of varnish smeared on his nails - and ended up with boring dark blue.

His beauty treatment at Kiev Zoo, in the Ukraine, was a truly jumbo task involving a saw, power grinders and quite a few pairs of hands.

The pedicure was done for Boy's benefit, as his nails had grown too long for comfort. It didn't look particularly pleasant, however, as the German vet and his assistants hacked away at his tippytoes, clippings flying off into the air.

Thankfully the 12,000lb Asian elephant, who is 39, had been heavily sedated for the procedure.

Afterwards, with a helpful push on the rump, Boy got up and wandered off - presumably to admire his nails and blowdry them with his trunk.

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