'Ghost' of Michael Jackson caught on camera pacing the corridors of Neverland

Posted on 2:44 AM by Sameer Shah

His ghoulish hit Thriller merged music with horror and Michael Jackson certainly understood the children's thrill of being spooked silly.

So he probably would have loved to hear about the latest creepy goings-on in Neverland.

An unexplained shadow filmed inside his former home has sparked wild speculation among his fans that his spirit is haunting the halls.

The alleged supernatural sighting is the latest in a string of bizarre rumours to emerge after his death nearly two weeks ago.

These include reports the late singer will tour the world via hologram and that he will be buried without his brain.

The pop star’s apparent poltergeist was spotted during a live American TV tour of Neverland by his close friend Miko Brando for the Larry King Live show.

Neither the presenter - the son of screen legend Marlon - nor the cameraman noticed the spectre, which appeared to move like a shadow at the far end of a long hallway.

But after it was posted on YouTube fans picked up the shadow and rumours spread across the internet like wildfire.

Viewer comments and chat forums have been debating whether it could be Jackson’s spirit or simply a shadow of an unseen crew member.

Some fans have linked the shadow with Peter Pan, who Jackson was rumoured to have modelled his adult life on and why he named his fantasy land ranch Neverland.

The children’s character lost his shadow in the famous J M Barrie tale before Wendy sews it back on.

On YouTube one user said: ‘Yes, that is MJ, even the hair style silhouette everything..!! Immortal!’

Another wrote: ‘That is so weird. I have played it over five times now and I have to admit that it does resemble MJ. I can’t believe I am saying that actually. It’s his image.’

But others were not so convinced.

‘It is the shadow of a TV crew person in the room, idiot people. Get a grip… that’s not genuine ghost footage!’ wrote tubs1000.

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