World's First 3D Digital Camera

Posted on 2:25 PM by Sameer Shah

The world's first camera to take 3D video and pictures without the need for special glasses is to go on sale in Britain this September.

Created by Japanese camera company Fujifilm, it will allow users to see their holiday snaps in full 3D, with bicycles and beach balls jumping out from pictures. It can also capture movies with the same special effect.

A spokesman said: 'We want our cameras to capture precious moments just as the eyes see them.'

The FinePix REAL 3D W1camera has two lenses and two sensors set apart on the facia. The third dimension is created by the integrated processor that layers together an image from the two slightly different angles.

But photographers need not wear red and green glasses to view their masterpieces. They can be viewed as they are shot on the 2.8inch LCD screen on the back of the camera.

You will also be able to share them on the FinePix REAL 3D V1 - an 8inch LCD photo frame.

Hard copies will be available on order from FujiFilm using lenticular sheets, which have a plastic layer that acts as a lens to create the effect.

The high-tech camera is a chunky device with a hardy aluminium frame to protect the lenses from vibration and impact.

It features a 3x optical zoom and 'interval shooting' that lets you take 3D shots as you are moving, such as in a car or a plane.

However, a spokesman assured tentative snappers: 'As the camera performs a series of image processing steps automatically, anyone can take 3D stills and videos with superb picture quality by just pointing the camera and pressing the shutter button.'

Should this still prove too technical the camera can also take standard 2D pictures with a 10MP camera.

The brand new technology doesn't come cheap however. The camera is expected to be priced at £570 while the viewer will cost around £400.

Still it could be a wise investment as there are signs to suggest 3D is the way the industry is moving. The technology has taken off in the cinema this year, with films such as Ice Age 3 and Harry Potter being showed in 3D format.

Panasonic released their first 3D HDTV this year while the satellite broadcaster Sky are busy testing their 3D camera technology filming rugby matches and pop concerts.

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