The glowing frog who wanted a light snack and swallowed a Christmas bulb

Posted on 5:12 AM by Sameer Shah

In an ultimate case of crossed wires, a tiny tree frog's bug-catching antics left it with a bellyful of bulb.

The Cuban tree frog took on an unnatural glow when it swallowed an entire fairy light in a botched bid to catch an insect.

The unlucky amphibian had been hunting in the back garden of wildlife photographer James Snyder when it made a bid for the snack.

James, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, had decorated his back yard with colourful lights after noticing that frogs had worked out lights attracted bugs.

But one night he discovered that one of the little beasts had bitten off far more than it could chew.

James, 29, said: 'A bug landed on the bulb and when the frog went for it he got a little bit extra.

'I have a large mango tree by my patio and my wife and I have Christmas lights wrapped around the trunk and main limbs to light it up from underneath.

'I took my dog out back when I noticed the frog glowing on the tree and at first I thought that the frog was sitting on top of the light.

'I quickly put my dog back inside and grabbed my camera, but I was convinced that he would be gone by the time I returned but when I got back he was still sitting there glowing away.

'I began taking a few pictures from about four or five feet away because I did not want to scare him and make him move.

'I zoomed in and noticed that the wire was actually going into the frogs mouth, he had swallowed the entire light, he wasn't sitting on it at all.'

James, 29, said he feared the frog had been killed after it ate the bulb.

He said: 'I figured that he must be dead and because there was no fear of spooking him I got very close and continued taking pictures.

'But after few minutes I noticed one of his legs had moved, death spasm I thought for a second until he repositioned his entire body.

'Now with the realisation that the frog was indeed alive I wanted to keep him that way.

'So I fired off a few more shots, then gently grabbed the wire next to the bulb and slowly pulled it out for his mouth.

'He seemed a little lethargic, maybe drunk on the heat from the bulb, but he came to and slowly crawled away.'

Seemingly none the worse for wear from his ordeal the frog has been seen again by James in the garden, but has kept well clear of the mango tree.

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