Roadkill: Tourists left stunned as lioness attacks buffalo - right in the middle of a traffic jam

Posted on 2:48 AM by Sameer Shah

This stunning series of pictures shows the moment a water buffalo becomes a road-hog.

But the tourists driving through Kruger National Park in South Africa could hardly blame the poor creature, who was more concerned with the tail-gating lioness than other traffic on the road.

The convoy of cars came to a halt to watch - but the passengers then found themselves part of the action as the two beasts lumbered onto the road, oblivious to their watchers.

The incredible fight took place near the national park's Phelwana Bridge, as tourists noticed a buffalo standing alone by a tree just ten metres from the road.

At first the rest of the countryside seemed desolate, and then passengers began to see lion heads popping up out of the foliage a further 20 metres away.

It seemed the convoy had missed act one of the battle, as the buffalo seemed injured and was staggering on the spot.

Eyewitness 'Mgdonny', who posted this incredible series of photos on picture-sharing site Flickr, said: 'We sat there for about an hour and nothing happened.The buffalo then tried to lift itself up, with great difficulty, and after some time managed to get on its feet.

'As it stood up this female lioness came walking towards it and jumped onto the buffalo's back trying to pull it down.

'The female lioness was injured in the back leg and looked as if it had tried to attack the buffalo previously and was injured in the process.

'The buffalo started snorting and walking with the lioness on its back trying to escape.'

It came towards the roads and hit a car in the rear bumper and the lioness couldn't hold on and jumped off.'

At this point, the tourists became uneasy as two male lions began to pad their way over.

Luckily, they were content to stay on the side of the road and watch their lady friend bring home the dinner.

Mgdonny continued: 'The buffalo - still on the road - hit another car in the front bumper with its horn.

The two huge male lions came walking towards the road and just sat down in the distance.

After a some time again the female tried two more times to bring down the buffalo but with no success.'

Luckily for the buffalo -and the passengers - the buffalo proved too much for the lioness, and she padded off, leaving the buffalo free to roam another day.

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