Snake in a bind after eating its own tail

Posted on 4:50 AM by Sameer Shah

A pet snake got itself in a bit of a bind after it mistook its own tail for a tasty dinner.

Reggie the King snake soon realised his mistake after chomping down on his back end but couldn't release himself after his teeth had taken hold.

Luckily the hungry reptile's owner arrived on the scene before the snake began to digest its own body, and rushed him to the vet.

'Its teeth were acting like a ratchet,' said vet Bob Reynolds from Faygate, West Sussex.

'If a snake like this one is kept in a space that is too small then there is always a temptation for it to lunge at its own tail.

'They can't spread themselves out and think their tails are another snake.'

The foolhardy animal was close to being put down, but Mr Reynolds was eventually able to gently untangle Reggie.

King snakes in the wild range from southern Canada down to South America. They can grow up to seven feet and live up to 20 years.

The constrictors hunt a variety of prey from rodents to birds and other snakes... and at times even themselves.

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