Dentist creates sculptures of tiny workmen repairing teeth to liven up surgery

Posted on 2:23 PM by Sameer Shah

A dentist's surgery is never the most welcoming environment, but one creative dentist has sought to change that by livening up his clinic with a series of sculptures featuring tiny workmen scrubbing, cleaning and repairing teeth.

Using a real patient's dental cast Dr Ian Davis used his steady dentist's hand to create the tiny models, which he then attached to the model teeth.
Photographs of the 'Toothville' series adorn his dental surgery in north London and he even uses them to explain treatment to patients.

Dr Davis, 36, said: 'The idea was conceived following an article in a photography magazine where the photographer used small toy men in his photos.
'Photography is my hobby and it got me thinking about if teeth were very large how they would be treated.

'I then came up with the idea of tradesmen and general workers using their skills on teeth, if the teeth were very large compared to my little 'worklings'.
'I thought it was a nice concept and would be something like painting and decorating.

'Even one set-up can take quite a long time. Because they're so tiny, they're extremely fiddly.

'Luckily I have a steady hand and lots of tools.'

Dr Davis said patients loved the works and they lifted the atmosphere of his surgery.

'I really enjoy doing them and, as dentists, we are very into things that are very small.

'Making the small, humdrum everyday things special is what we are all about.'

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