The Amazing Cat with Four Ears

Posted on 1:41 AM by Sameer Shah

The brief Seventies craze for quadraphonic sound might have lasted a little longer if there were more cats like Luntik around.

The three-month-old kitten who lives in a garage in Vladivostok, Russia, has a 'spare' pair of vestigial ears just in front of his real ones.

It's not a completely unique condition. There's a cat called Yoda living in Chicago with an even bigger pair of spare lugholes.

Unlike the widespread reports of 'winged cats' - which are usually just the result of wishful thinking and extremely matted fur - Luntik really does have a fully formed extra pair of ears.

However, they don't have any of the internal 'plumbing' that would actually make them workable.

Best leave those old Pink Floyd LPs up in the loft then.

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