Daring climbers risk their lives scaling 'deadly' 110ft wall of ice

Posted on 12:35 PM by Sameer Shah

These daring climbers braved temperatures of minus 20 degrees and a terrifying 110ft vertical drop to scale a spectacular wall of ice.

And the brave pair celebrated not getting cold feet on the The Rigid Designator, near Vail, Colorado, by a romantic kiss at the top of the icy pillar.

Naturally formed pillar The Rigid Designator is known to be one of the hardest and deadliest ice climbs in the world.

Those that attempt it risk death or serious injury if they lose their footing and slip.

Photographer Lucas Gilman, 34, watched as his friends Cam Brensinger, 35, and Caitlin Brensinger, 34, completed the climb.

He said: 'The Rigid Designator is rated a WI5, which is one of the hardest and most technical ratings for an ice climb. It is for expert climbers only.

'Ice climbing is similar to rock climbing but the extreme cold of the act makes it very difficult and extreme. It is a very dangerous sport and can lead in many instances to death.

'I love ice climbing due to the extreme nature of the sport and the graphic and colourful qualities of the ice and rock.

'On the morning I took these photos it was a bone-chilling -20 degrees Celsius.'

Mr Gilman, from Colorado, added: 'Only people with a real sense of adventure and ability to deal with extremely cold temperatures excel at ice climbing.

'It's a war of attrition climbing a vertical column of ice in extremely cold temperatures.

'You start to lose feeling in your hands after a while and focus is extremely important, not to make a mistake.'

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