The world's tallest cat (who is part African wildcat but is docile as a kitten)

Posted on 5:53 AM by Sameer Shah

When Trouble comes around, he’s hard to miss.

That’s because the Sacramento, California cat is 19 inches tall from paw to shoulder, making him the tallest cat in the world.

Owner Debby Maraspina bred him three years ago and is delighted that her cat has risen to fame.

Trouble is part house cat and part African serval cat, a recognised hybrid called a Savannah, but his height is still surprising, even for his breed.

Mrs Maraspina told the Sacramento Bee that she didn’t really think much of Trouble’s size until a friend, who owns the world’s longest cat, suggested that she get him measured at a cat show in Reno.

The process to get Trouble registered and confirmed as the Guinness-certified tallest cat was a long one.

Mrs Maraspina had to get Trouble measured by a veterinarian and document the cat’s height in both photos and videos.

After all of that – and sending in affidavits – she received a call from London in November.

They had good news to deliver – Trouble was the new tallest cat in the world, beating out the previous record holder by about an inch.

Despite his size, Trouble only weighs 20 pounds. And according to Mrs Maraspina’s husband John, ‘He’s just a relaxed, indoor animal.’

While Trouble may be relaxed, he's a picky eater and turns up his nose at regular cat food. Instead, he feasts on rabbit meat and beef.

And he’s quite pampered. ‘He expects me to get his food out, warm it up and cut it into chunks – off the bone,’ Mrs Maraspina told the Bee.

Savannahs are a recent creation – they were recognised as a breed only ten years ago, after existing for 15 or so years prior to that.

Mrs Maraspina says that the cats are difficult to breed since females are picky over which males they accept, and Savannahs that have more than five or six per cent feral cat are sterile.

Trouble is a quarter serval, and is therefore sterile, but makes a good show cat.

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